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Yay, I am soooo excited that I have finished my first pre-made and I really like it. Here is the live preview.

I was going to have a store but since it’s my first pre-made I thought it would be just easier if anyone wants this WordPress theme you can email me/contact and decide how much you want to pay for it, it can be $0 or $5 ect. It’s up to you. I am just happy to able to finish this pre-made. I love the colors, the image placement, the sidebar looks amazing. It’s a nice design. Check out the premade page for more information and let me know what you think of it 🙂

I am looking at my blog and it needs an upgrade. I want to make a new theme. I have been playing around too much and I still need to finish the pre-made. Finding the time for designing again is the hard part but I will not give up.

Merry Christmas, I hope you guys are enjoying your day. Even if it is with family, friends or alone. Watching a show, reading a book. Which ever, just be happy and enjoy the moment.

Hello, everyone. I decided today that I wanted to create something fun and simple. So, I made some free jikook icons. Their all 200×200. My favourite I would say is the fourth one. If you look closely I drew around his hand aswell. Cute.

Hello, little update. I know how to make gifs now. :). Still working on the pre-made. I am so slow. *Sigh.

So, I have finally started working on the pre-made. I’m going to call it Vante-World. I have already done the design for the wordpress theme. I am getting excited about designing and making websites again. It was fun. Ignore the big logo thing, I just had to share. It is going to be easy to use, so it will be easy to replace the pictures and change the fonts of your choice. Taehyung takes amazing pictures, so it felt great designing the website.

Hello, to anyone still there, I’m still alive but my old laptop died, the holiday is over so I have even less free time so I finally have a new laptop and I feel as though I have to start from scratch. Now that my laptop resolution is 1366 width even this website looks different so i’m going to need change a couple of things, start again on the premades I had. The example premade is going to have Taehyung from BTS (picture above) because they have just had new pictures from their new album (which is amazing) and their beautiful so if I can find the time I will start going on that. I want to start working and producing more stuff. Wish me luck.

So, I thought I would post something, im not as annoyed anymore and a lot has happened in my life recently.

I was looking through my old designs and I found this Cheese in the trap header that I made after I watched the show. I am think about using the same designs and creating my first pre-made.