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Introducing Mochi Designs Version 2. YAYYYYY!!!!!

I am so excited for the new designs to the website. This theme is more colorful, has a lot more pictures than the first theme and I had a lot of fun making it. Also, check out the new Coppermine theme. Their so many updates to the theme than the previous one, I especially like how this theme looks on mobile, it’s more responsive from 1920 width screens all the way down to 320 width mobiles.

I love designing websites and learning more about coding and this year I want to create more designs and more websites and so I am opening the orders up and the best part is it will be FREE for the first 6 months. If you are thinking of ordering check out my Portfolio and this website is the biggest portfolio. If you like the website and it’s functionality and if you would like to order since it’s free, I would be very happy.

I am just so excited to have this new theme. I hope you like it and this is a new start to the website. My goal in a year is to have atleast created 10 website themes (let’s start low and see,lol)

This is going to be the header for the new theme I am making for Mochi-designs. The first version I was going for a minimalist look with one picture and the title. But this time around I want the header to be more creative and fun. I just counted I used 23 pictures of Park Jimin on this header. I can’t wait to start making the word press theme. I also want to create another pre-made as well.


So, I made this gif and I wanted to share that,lol. I just wanted to give a little update, I will be updating the design on this site and creating more pre-mades plus maybe opening up the orders again. I want to be more active and I guess we can start with a gif.


Website Update
28 th


I am looking at my blog and it needs an upgrade. I want to make a new theme. I have been playing around too much and I still need to finish the pre-made. Finding the time for designing again is the hard part but I will not give up.


Website Update
26 th


Hello, to anyone still there, I’m still alive but my old laptop died, the holiday is over so I have even less free time so I finally have a new laptop and I feel as though I have to start from scratch. Now that my laptop resolution is 1366 width even this website looks different so i’m going to need change a couple of things, start again on the premades I had. The example premade is going to have Taehyung from BTS (picture above) because they have just had new pictures from their new album (which is amazing) and their beautiful so if I can find the time I will start going on that. I want to start working and producing more stuff. Wish me luck.


Website Update

Hello and welcome to Mochi-designs. I can’t believe that I am finally opening my first design website. I remember a couple years ago running a fansite myself and being interested in learning about web designing and coding. I have always wanted to have a fansite desgin site so that I can be creative and create fansites for other people.

I have taught myself HTML5 and CSS plus a little of SASS and I also know about Javascript and how to build responsive websites and PHP. I have designed a few websites but I have never published them so I want to carry on learning and grow with you guys. And create more advanced and beautiful fansites for free or low prices.

Since I am still new to making fansites for others if there is something you want to suggest or ask feel free to leave a comment or email me and we can work out something.

Also, if you are wondering who that is on the header and the sidebar it is Jimin from a korean boyband called BTS. (you should probably check them out their music is quite good and their hilarious)

Mochi-designs is not associated with BTS in anyway and does not claim credit for any pictures posted on this site unless stated otherwise. Information on this website are copyright to their respectful owners. If there is any content appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please message me with a link to say of the post and it will be promptly removed.

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