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So, I spent a week and my blood Sweat and Tears making my first theme for Free only for the person to have it up and then change it in a few days. I have no words.

I just made a Jessi banner (or header). All I knew when I started this design was that I wanted to have an upside down triangle,lol. But mainly I let the pictures sway me on how the header came out. I am planning on creating a slideshow and have three or four different banners of Jessi. I might also create a pre-made but i’m not sure. Also, the free orders are not available anymore.

If you don’t know, Jessi is a kpop artist who just came out with a song called Gucci and that kind off inspired me to make this.

This was my first Park Jimin website I made. I liked this design because it was very colorful and used the focus of three colors (pink, yellow and blue) throughout the website. I also, used a lot more icons in the layout and it was fun to make.

In celebration of the GRAND-OPENING OF MOCHI-DESIGNS, the first two orders are free. You can decide to have a new header for your website, a Coppermine theme or the combo package which is a WordPress theme custom designed and coded. Plus a Coppermine theme designed and coded as well. All my designs are mobile friendly and responsive.

Since I’m still new, I hope someone orders :(( it is free.

The only rule I have for the free orders is please have the website/layout up for a minimum of 3 weeks. It takes a long time to design and make it.

You can visit my portfolio where I have added a few of my designs and I will carry on to add more layouts in the future and I will be working on creating a premade theme as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

To view the Packages Rules and Order.

This portfolio addition is a bit different from the others I added below. It was more of an experimental type of website than anything else. I had a slideshow and a menu burger (what kind of a name) on the top left side of the page. When you click on it another menu appears. I probably should have removed the menu at the top.

I started a daily UI challenge where I also did the html of a pop out sign in and sign up form. So it was quite interesting to do and showcase what I have done now. (You can click on the picture for the layout and also check out my portfolio)

When I first decided that I wanted to do a design site, this was my first idea of the layout. I love Game of thrones so I decided to use Emilia Clarke. But something in me just didn’t feel right and if i’m being honest I have done several Jimin websites and layouts already and if I wanted to have a website that showcased my work the best then I had to use Jimin.

Also, this was another option for the banner, I decided on the top one but what do you guys think. Which is better?

Compared to my current design, this one has a lot going on. Click on the pictures for the full layout.

This was one of the first websites that I completed. Jessica Pearson is a character from Suits the city life law based show. And I loved her so much that it inspired me to this design. Click on the picture to view the full version of the layout. 

For the design I wanted something simple and classy, also the picture was perfect. Just look at her smile. Everything about the header screams elegance. In my opinion.

Also, when I was designing the layout for this website, I went through a lot and tried a number of designs…some that had a lot of pictures and colors but when I was looking through my portfolio I guess I fell in love with this again. That’s why I decided to use the same banner layout because it was simple yet beautiful.

Hello and welcome to Mochi-designs. I can’t believe that I am finally opening my first design website. I remember a couple years ago running a fansite myself and being interested in learning about web designing and coding. I have always wanted to have a fansite desgin site so that I can be creative and create fansites for other people.

I have taught myself HTML5 and CSS plus a little of SASS and I also know about Javascript and how to build responsive websites and PHP. I have designed a few websites but I have never published them so I want to carry on learning and grow with you guys. And create more advanced and beautiful fansites for free or low prices.

Since I am still new to making fansites for others if there is something you want to suggest or ask feel free to leave a comment or email me and we can work out something.

Also, if you are wondering who that is on the header and the sidebar it is Jimin from a korean boyband called BTS. (you should probably check them out their music is quite good and their hilarious)